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Here bellow you will find the range of services that International TAX Services provides and are offered to customers, Companies, Freelancers and individuals, customized in their needs.
If you need further information on any of the following services, please choose and fill in the request form, and the nearest consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

Financial Services
          o       Business Financing
          o       Financial and Operational Restructuring
          o       Financial Analysis - Enterprise Vulnerability Detection
          o       Design and implementation of Private Enterprise Development Studies, 
                   Public Sector and Municipal Enterprises


Accounting & Tax Services
          o       Bookkeeping all categories
          o       Reports to the Management
          o       Income Tax
          o       VAT and indirect taxes
          o       Tax statements of Individuals
          o       Taxes on property
          o       Calculation of the objective values ​​of Properties: Payroll tax

 Mediation Banking Services
          o       Set up of Business Loan - Debt Renegotiation with Business
          o       Set up of Business Loan - Debt Renegotiation with individuals
          o       Admission to protection from creditors - banks
Legal Services 

          o       Mergers - Corporate Sales division;
          o       Admission to protection from creditors


Legal Services Support  for Law Firms

          o       Knowledge Base about court proceedings - Courts Decisons

          o       Information about court decisions

          o       Implementation of court decisions

          o       Preparation of business cases (No. 99 GTR)

          o       Debts set-up with banks and individuals payment / settlement of civil and   

                  criminal judgments 

Consulting Services
          o       Business & Retail 

          o       Expand of Sales Network
          o       Training of Salesmen
          o       Research for abroad suppliers for all products
          o       Leftovers Handling from Public Services - Organizations - Public Entity 
                   Business – Retail


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